Privacy Policy and Operating Agreement

Updated October  20, 2019


EMAIL ADDRESSES: The 'Contact Us' form found on this website does require a valid email address in order to prove the validity of the sender. This prevents spammers or "bots" from sending email automatically to It also enables us to reply to your comment, if a reply is necessary or requested. The address is not retained, sold, rented or otherwise distributed to any third party and is solely used to communicate between the sender ("the visitor") and the recipient ("


COOKIES: does not collect, store, sell, rent, distribute or otherwise use personally identifying information about our visitors.  However, third-party companies, including our host provider WIX, as well as Google, Amazon, and Statcounter, each are utilized in various ways on this website, and they, in turn, may use cookies for tracking or advertising purposes. These companies may collect non-personal information (in other words, information that does not include your name, address, email address, or telephone number, or other sensitive information) about our visits to this and other websites in order to improve the visitor's experience (such as targeted advertising) and/or to give a better sense of which pages are more/least popular, and how long a visitor stays.  Personal information is only collected by these third-party companies if you enter into an agreement with one of them, such as when you make a purchase from them, or another similar transaction.


THIRD PARTY SITES: this includes GOOGLE, AMAZON, and WIX.  These vendors utilize cookies stored in your Internet browser. None of the cookies used by these companies collect or store personally identifying information about our visitors, unless you enter into an agreement with one of them, such as when you make a purchase from them, or another similar transaction. Each utilizes cookies to either display targeted ads that are unique to the visitor, and/or to analyze site performance and popularity. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about the information used by these companies, please check the individual company below for more information.

GOOGLE: Our website allows advertising from GOOGLE, and GOOGLE's cookies help make advertising more effective. Without cookies, it’s harder for an advertiser to reach its audience, or to know how many ads were shown and how many clicks they received. They may use cookies for a number of purposes, such as to stop you from seeing the same ad over and over again, to detect and stop "click fraud," and to show ads that are likely to be more relevant (such as ads based on websites you have visited). No personal information about the user is collected during the displaying of, or clicking on, ads. Detailed information about GOOGLE's privacy policy, and what information is collected and how you can opt out of this process is found here.

AMAZON: Our website participates in the AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM, and earns a percentage from qualifying purchases.  Links to relevant items of interest or purchase are clearly shown throughout the site and utilize a unique tracking ID cookie. No personal information about the user is collected during this process.  Any DVDs purchased from are powered by AMAZON and all purchases are made directly from their website.  More information about the AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM and it's privacy policy is found here.

WIX: Our website is hosted by WIX, a web hosting provider based in the US. They utilize cookies stored in your Internet browser. Visitor information collected by them is non-personal in nature and mainly consists of technical and aggregated usage information, such as Visitors’ and Users’ browsing and ‘click-stream’ activity on the Services, session heatmaps and scrolls, non-identifying information regarding the Visitor’s or User’s device, operating system, internet browser, screen resolution, language and keyboard settings, internet service provider, referring/exit pages, date/time stamps, etc. None of the cookies used by them collect or store personally identifying information about our visitors. Detailed information about their use of cookies can be found here.

STATCOUNTER:  This is an online service which helps us to understand our visitors; for example, how visitors find our website, how long they spend on our site, which web pages they are most interested in etc. We use this service to better understanding how visitors are interacting with our website helps us to improve the content, design and functionality of our site. This allows us to offer a better online experience to our visitors.

Statcounter uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on visitors and visitor activity on our website. This data includes time and date of visit (this can help us to identify and plan for busy periods on our website), IP address (this is a numerical label assigned to a device by an Internet Service Provider to enable the device to access the internet), browser and operating system (this can help us to make sure that our website functions correctly in the browsers/operating systems used to access our site), device information e.g. device type and screen size (this can help us to make sure that our website functions correctly in the devices used to access our site), and referring data e.g. a search engine link (this can help us to understand which search engines are helping visitors to find our website).

Furthermore, when you visit our website a Statcounter cookie (called "is_unique") may be placed in your browser. This cookie is used only to determine whether you are a first-time or returning visitor and to estimate unique visits to the site.

More information about cookies from Statcounter and set your browser to refuse these are found here. The full Statcounter privacy policy is found here.

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