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The Series

ALICE was a half-hour comedy series which ran for nine seasons between 1976-1985, with 202 episodes being produced.


The setting was "Mel's Diner," a truck stop diner situated in Phoenix, Arizona.  Here viewers watched the comical antics of Mel, the diner's owner and cook, and his waitresses, Alice, Vera, Flo, Belle, and Jolene, as well as Alice's son, Tommy.  To explore this site and learn more about this highly successful series, browse through the links at the top.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

Alice Seasons 1-9
Flo Season 1


Featured Items

Remembering Philip McKeon

Phil and Nancy 2.jpg

Philip McKeon and his sister, Nancy, who acted in the 1980's sitcom, "The Facts of Life."

Philip passed away unexpectedly in 2019.  Read more about his life on our biography page.

Alice Season 9 is now available.

All Alice seasons have now been released. See the DVD page for more information.

alice season 9.jpg
Alice book.jpg

Alice: Life Behind the Counter in Mel’s Greasy Spoon takes you behind the scenes of one of television’s most beloved sitcoms. It all started with Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award–winning film Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Learn how the movie and series were developed, peruse the fact-filled episode log, and test your Alice trivia knowledge with a fan quiz featuring over 120 questions.

Click the photo for more information.

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