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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    Ep. 1 "Pilot" - A younger man becomes infatuated with wannabe singer Alice, the diner's new waitress, and he pretends to be an agent who handles singers. (First airdate: August 31, 1976) Ep. 2 "Alice Gets A Pass" - Alice is courted by a football player. (First airdate: September 29, 1976) Ep. 3 "A Piece of the Rock" - Alice's late husband's insurance beneficiary may be another woman. (First airdate: October 6, 1976) Ep. 4 "Pay the Fifty Dollars" - When Alice gets a gig to sing in a nightclub, she is arrested for prostitution. (First airdate: October 13, 1976) Ep. 5 "A Call to Arms" - Harassed by phone calls, Alice borrows Flo's gun. (First airdate: October 20, 1976) Ep. 6 "The Last Review" - Alice tries to get a food critic to come into the diner, but he dies when he finally eats a meal there. (First airdate: October 27, 1976) Ep. 7 "Sex Education" - Tommy's sex education class bothers Alice. (First airdate: November 6, 1976) Ep. 8 "Big Daddy Dawson's Coming" - Alice helps Flo capture the man of her dreams, but he wants more from Alice than advice on Flo. (First airdate: November 13, 1976) Ep. 9 "Good Night, Sweet Vera" - Depressed, Vera overdoses on sleeping pills, and it's up to Alice and Flo to keep her up. (First airdate: November 20, 1976) Ep. 10 "The Dilemma" - Alice is proposed marriage. (First airdate: November 27, 1976) Ep. 11 "Who Killed Bugs Bunny?" - Alice tries to let Tommy be "one of the guys", but it would compromise her values. (First airdate: December 4, 1976) Ep. 12 "Mother-In-Law (Part I)" - Alice is tortured by her visiting mother-in-law. (First airdate: December 11, 1976) Ep. 13 "Mother-In-Law (Part II)" - Alice's mother-in-law, wants Tommy to move to New Jersey with her - without Alice. (First airdate: December 18, 1976) Ep. 14 "Vera's Mortician" - Alice suspects that Vera's new boyfriend is not what he seems to be, though Mel, Flo, and everyone else thinks they will marry. (First airdate: December 25, 1976) Ep. 15 "Mel's in Love" - Mel falls in love three times in one week. (First airdate: January 15, 1977) Ep. 16 "The Accident" - Mel finds out that Flo has had an accident with his treasured car. (First airdate: January 22, 1977) Ep. 17 "The Failure" - Alice's thinking prevents a bank robbery, but then Mel's Diner is the target of the bandit. (First airdate: January 22, 1977) Ep. 18 "The Hex" - A gypsy comes into the diner and puts a hex on unbelieving Alice. (First airdate: February 5, 1977) Ep. 19 "The Pain of No Return" - An IRS agent wants much more than back taxes from Alice. (First airdate: February 12, 1977) Ep. 20 "The Odd Couple" - When Flo's trailer is stolen, Flo stays with Alice - but they don't get along at all. (First airdate: February 26, 1977) Ep. 21 "A Night to Remember" - Alice and Flo try to help out Vera's love life. (First airdate: March 5, 1977) Ep. 22 "Mel's Cup" - The waitresses accidentally donate Mel's treasured Navy cup to charity, and Mel becomes infuriated with Alice. (First airdate: March 12, 1977) Ep. 23 "The Bundle" - Flo finds a large sum of money in a diner chair, but Alice doesn't want to play "finders keepers, losers weepers." (First airdate: March 19, 1977) Ep. 24 "Mel's Happy Burger" - Alice's late husband's insurance beneficiary may be another woman. (First airdate: March 26, 1977)
  • Season 2
    Ep. 1 "The Second Time 'Round" - Alice is annoyed by a local flasher; Flo finds out that one of her divorces was illegal. (First airdate: October 2, 1977) Ep. 2 "The Indian Taker" - An Indian claims Mel's Diner is built on his tribe's land. (First airdate: October 9, 1977) Ep. 3 "86 the Waitresses" - Mel hires a waiter; Alice quits when she learns he is earning more money than the waitresses, leading Vera and Flo to quit as well. (First airdate: October 23, 1977) Ep. 4 "Alice by Moonlight" - Alice gets a singing job, and starts sleeping on her day job. (First airdate: October 30, 1977) Ep. 5 "Single Belles" - Alice, Vera, and Flo date the same man. (First airdate: November 6, 1977) Ep. 6 "The Sixty Minutes Man" - A customer may be a mobster. (First airdate: November 13, 1977) Ep. 7 "That Old Back Magic" - When Mel is injured at Alice's, he must stay there, so the girls play poker with him. (First airdate: December 4, 1977) Ep. 8 "Love Is Sweeping the Counter" - Flo and Mel try dating each other. (First airdate: December 11, 1977) Ep. 9 "A Semi-Merry Christmas" - Alice, Tommy, Flo, Vera, and Mel spend a white Christmas in a semi when they try to drive to Alice's relatives. (First airdate: December 18, 1977) Ep. 10 "Oh! George Burns" - Vera thinks George Burns is the character he played in his movie: God. Special Guest Star George Burns. (First airdate: January 1, 1978) Ep. 11 "The Eyes of Texas" - When Flo's new glasses do not live up to her own expectations, she gets contacts. (First airdate: January 8, 1978) Ep. 12 "Love Is a Free Throw" - A young basketball star makes advances toward Alice. (First airdate: January 15, 1978) Ep. 13 "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind" - Alice's psychology class puts Mel, Flo, Vera and Alice at odds with each other. (First airdate: January 22, 1978) Ep. 14 "The Pharmacist" - At the diner, a young man protests food additives. (First airdate: January 29, 1978) Ep. 15 "Love Me, Love My Horse" - Flo's cowboy brother comes to town and wants Alice to marry him. (First airdate: February 5, 1978) Ep. 16 "The Reporter" - An investigative reporter fears for his life and ducks into Mel's Diner. (First airdate: February 12, 1978) Ep. 17 "Florence of Arabia" - Flo dates a Middle Easterner. (First airdate: February 19, 1978) Ep. 18 "The Cuban Connection" - A philandering fashion photographer's marriage is in tough waters. Special Guest Star Desi Arnaz. (First airdate: February 26, 1978) Ep. 19 "Mel's Big Five-0" - Mel turns fifty and is not happy about it. (First airdate: March 5, 1978) Ep. 20 "Don't Lock Now" - The gang is locked in the storeroom over a holiday weekend. (First airdate: February 26, 1977) Ep. 21 "The Star in the Storeroom" - The diner staff gets tickets to the Jerry Reed concert, but Jerry's clothes don't survive the diner. Special Guest Star Jerry Reed. (First airdate: March 19, 1978) Ep. 22 "The Bus" - When a bus line visits Mel's Diner, the bus and driver disappear, leaving a load of passengers stranded at the diner. (First airdate: March 26, 1978) Ep. 23 "Mel's Recession" - Mel claims he has to fire one of his waitresses, and they immediately become what he wants--productive. (First airdate: April 2, 1978) Ep. 24 "Earthquake" - An earthquake hits the diner. (First airdate: April 9, 1978)
  • Season 3
    Ep. 1 "Take Him, He's Yours" - Tommy stays with Mel for a while, and afterward he is amazed at Alice's ability to handle so much. (First airdate: September 24, 1978) Ep. 2 "Car Wars" - Mel sells the girls his car, but wants it back so he can get more money for it when he gets a better offer. (First airdate: October 1, 1978) Ep. 3 "Citizen Mel" - Mel is witness to a robbery. (First airdate: October 8, 1978) Ep. 4 "Vera's Popcorn Romance" - Alice, Mel, and Flo can't wait to meet Vera's new beau. (First airdate: October 15, 1978) Ep. 5 "Block Those Kicks" - Mel, Alice, Vera and Flo all give up a bad habit. (First airdate: October 22, 1978) Ep. 6 "What Happened to the Class of '78" - Flo goes to night school, but prefers dating. (First airdate: October 29, 1978) Ep. 7 "Better Never Than Late" - Mel decides to open the diner on Saturday night, and the biggest customer is a gunman. (First airdate: November 5, 1978) Ep. 8 "Mel's in a Family Way" - Mel gets over-attached to Alice and Tommy Hyatt. (First airdate: November 12, 1978) Ep. 9 "Who Ordered the Hot Turkey?" - Mel can't find a turkey for Thanksgiving, though orphans are coming for a holiday dinner. (First airdate: November 19, 1978) Ep. 10 "The Happy Hoofers" - Mel fires moonlighting Alice. (First airdate: November 26, 1978) Ep. 11 "A Slight Case of ESP" - Vera supposes she has ESP. (First airdate: December 3, 1978) Ep. 12 "The Principal of the Thing" - Alice dates Tommy's principal. (First airdate: December 10, 1978) Ep. 13 "What're You Doing New Year's Eve?" - Flo may be working alone on New Years Eve in the diner. (First airdate: December 31, 1978) Ep. 14 "Sweet Charity" - Alice gets tickets to a charity ball, but there aren't enough for everyone. (First airdate: January 14, 1979) Ep. 15 "The Fourth Time Around" - Mel's visiting brother is also an old beau of Flo's. (First airdate: January 21, 1979) Ep. 16 "Tommy's First Love" - Flo helps convince Tommy how good his life is with his mom when he runs away to her trailer. (First airdate: January 28, 1979) Ep. 17 "Mel Grows Up" - Mel's mother, Carrie, comes to town. (First airdate: February 4, 1979) Ep. 18 "Vera's Broken Heart" - An attractive delivery boy cures Vera's broken heart.. (First airdate: February 18, 1979) Ep. 19 "Alice's Decision" - When Alice can audition for a producer, she gets the hiccups. (First airdate: February 25, 1979) Ep. 20 "The Last Stow It (Part I)" - Mel sells the diner, and the waitresses can't bear their new boss. (First airdate: March 11, 1979) Ep. 21 "The Last Stow It (Part II)" - Mel tries to get the diner back. (First airdate: March 11, 1979) Ep. 22 "If the Shoe Fits" - Alice auditions for a play and falls for the very young director. (First airdate: March 18, 1979) Ep. 23 "My Fair Vera" - Vera tries her hand at show business. (First airdate: March 25, 1979) Ep. 24 "Flo Finds Her Father" - Flo's father arrives in Phoenix, and her reception isn't warm. (First airdate: April 1, 1979)
  • Season 4
    Ep. 1 "Has Anyone Here Seen Telly?" - Telly Savalis surprises everyone by walking into Mel's Diner and causes a lot of havoc. Special Guest Telly Savalis. (First airdate: September 23, 1979) Ep. 2 "Mona Lisa Alice" - Tommy ruins Alice's new relationship. (First airdate: September 30, 1979) Ep. 3 "Mel Loves Marie" - Alice tries to save Mel's relationship with Marie. (First airdate: October 7, 1979) Ep. 4 "Vera Robs the Cradle" - Vera and Tommy go to a movie together, and soon Tommy has a crush on her. (First airdate: October 21, 1979) Ep. 5 "Flo's Chili Reception" - Flo dates Mel's restaurant rival. (First airdate: October 28, 1979) Ep. 6 "Little Alice Bluenose" - Alice's new boyfriend is the nude model in Vera's art class. (First airdate: November 4, 1979) Ep. 7 "Carrie Sharples Strikes Again" - When Mel is hurt, his visiting mom takes over the diner. (First airdate: November 11, 1979) Ep. 8 'Mel's in the Kitchen with Dinah" - Mel is invited to make his chili on television. (First airdate: November 18, 1979) Ep. 9 "Cabin Fever" - Everyone is stranded in a cabin during a tornado. (First airdate: December 2, 1979) Ep. 10 "My Cousin, Art Carney" - Vera's cousin may promote Mel's chili. Guest star Art Carney. (First airdate: December 9, 1979) Ep. 11 "Mel, the Magi" - Mel saves Christmas for Alice, Flo, Vera, and Tommy. (First airdate: December 23, 1979) Ep. 12 "Good Buddy Flo" - Alice teaches Flo how to drive a truck. (First airdate: January 6, 1980) Ep. 13 "Alice in TV Land" - Tommy appears on a talk show and leads to an argument among his mother and her friends. (First airdate: January 13, 1980) Ep. 14 "Alice Beats the Clock" - Mel's time clock works against him when Alice thinks about overtime. (First airdate: January 27, 1980) Ep. 15 "Carrie's Wedding" - Mel almost doesn't appear at his mother's wedding. (First airdate: February 3, 1980) Ep. 16 "My Funny Valentine Tux" - Alice must get a tuxedo for Tommy's Valentine's Dance. (First airdate: February 10, 1980) Ep. 17 "Auld Acquaintances Should Be Forgot" - Mel's old Navy buddy arrives at the diner, and stays in the storeroom. (First airdate: February 17, 1980) Ep. 18 "Flo's Farewell" - Flo accepts a new job in Texas. (First airdate: February 24, 1980) Ep. 19 "For Whom the Belle Toils" - A visiting former waitress of Mel's becomes the new third waitress after song-writing falls through. (First airdate: March 2, 1980) Ep. 20 "One Too Many Girls" - Alice and Vera are annoyed by Belle. (First airdate: March 9, 1980) Ep. 21 "Vera, the Vamp" - Vera enlists Belle's help with turning her into a sexpot. (First airdate: March 16, 1980) Ep. 22 'Profit Without Honor" - Mel almost cuts his waitresses' paychecks, until Alice thinks of profit sharing. (First airdate: March 23, 1980) Ep. 23 "Cook's Tour" - Mel's new relationship may cost him his good health. (First airdate: March 30, 1980) Ep. 24 "Here Comes Alice Cottontail" - Alice checks on Tommy when he stays at Mel's, unlike she promised. (First airdate: April 6, 1980)
  • Season 5
    Ep. 1 "Mel and the Green Machine" - Mel is $24,675 richer, but because of Alice, not for very long. (First airdate: November 2, 1980) Ep. 2 "Dog Day Evening" - Mel's new guard dogs trap the diner staff. (First airdate: November 9, 1980) Ep. 3 "Hello Vegas, Goodbye Diner" - In Las Vegas, the diner goes into jeopardy. Part 1 of 2. (First airdate: November 16, 1980) Ep. 4 "Too Many Robert Goulets" - Alice must impersonate Robert Goulet to save the diner. Special Guest Robert Goulet. Part 2 of 2. (First airdate: November 16, 1980) Ep. 5 "Vera's Aunt Agatha" - Mel messes up Vera's plans to take off for Mexico with her free-spirited aunt. (First airdate: November 23, 1980) Ep. 6 "Tommy's T.K.O" - After Mel teaches Tommy how to fight, Tommy is thrown out of school. (First airdate: November 30, 1980) Ep. 7 "The New Improved Mel" - Mel tries to be a saint, but it doesn't work for long. (First airdate: December 7, 1980) Ep. 8 "Carrie Sings the Blues" - Carrie's marriage is almost destroyed by Mel. (First airdate: December 21, 1980) Ep. 9 "Henry's Bitter Half" - Henry thinks his wife's having an affair, but she is actually expecting a baby. (First airdate: January 4, 1981) Ep. 10 "Alice Locks Belle Out" - Belle is evicted temporarily. (First airdate: January 11, 1981) Ep. 11 "Vera Goes Out on a Limb" - Vera tries to save a tree in front of the diner. (First airdate: January 18, 1981) Ep. 12 "The Jerry Reed Fish Story" - Mel's chance to meet Dolly Parton is almost ruined because of a fish. (First airdate: February 1, 1981) Ep. 13 "Bye Bye, Birdie" - Mel yells at Vera's new parrot, and it drops dead. (First airdate: February 8, 1981) Ep. 14 "Alice's Son, the Drop-Out" - Tommy's new job interferes with his school work, so Alice, Vera, and Belle take over, to Mel's chagrin. (First airdate: February 15, 1981) Ep. 15 "Carrie Chickens Out" - Mel and his mother feud, almost costing him his business. (First airdate: February 22, 1981) Ep. 16 "Macho, Macho Mel" - Mel is mugged by a little old lady. (First airdate: March 8, 1981) Ep. 17 "The Great Escape" - Belle calls from vacation and quits, a dilemma brings a new waitress to fill-in for Belle. Special Guest Celia Weston. (First airdate: March 15, 1981) Ep. 18 "Alice Strikes Up the Band" - Alice sings as a substitute singer, and the band wants her. (First airdate: March 29, 1981) Ep. 19 "Who's Kissing the Great Chef of Phoenix?" - Mel dates Vera to make Marie jealous. (First airdate: April 5, 1981) Ep. 20 "Baby Makes Five" - Vera finds a baby abandoned in the laundromat. (First airdate: May 3, 1981)
  • Season 6
    Ep. 1 "Bet a Million, Mel" - A tip on a horse almost costs Mel the diner - except the girls tie him up for two days so he can't do anything to risk his business. (First airdate: October 4, 1981) Ep. 2 "Guinness on Tap" - Vera tries to break the non-stop tap dancing record. Guest star Donald O'Connor. (First airdate: October 11, 1981) Ep. 3 "Comrade Mel" - A towel boy for the Russian ballet visits and wants to defect and stay in America. (First airdate: October 18, 1981) Ep. 4 "Alice's Halloween Surprise" - Alice takes her new beau's kids trick-or-treating, but takes home one of the wrong kids. (First airdate: October 25, 1981) Ep. 5 "Alice's Big Four-Oh!" - Alice's mother pays her a visit as she turns 40. Guest star Doris Roberts. (First airdate: November 8, 1981) Ep. 6 "Mel's Cousin, Wendell" - Mel's cousin Wendell visits, and asks Mel for advice on asking out Vera. (First airdate: November 15, 1981) Ep. 7 "Vera and the Bouncing Check" - Vera's old friend bounces a check at the diner. (First airdate: November 29, 1981) Ep. 8 "After Mel's Gone" - Everyone squabbles over Mel's will. (First airdate: December 6, 1981) Ep. 9 "Mel's Christmas Carol" - The girls won't work on Christmas Eve. (First airdate: December 20, 1981) Ep. 10 "The Wild One" - Alice is the romantic desire of a motorcyclist. Guest stars Jay Leno and Ron Palillo. (First airdate: December 27, 1981) Ep. 11 "Alice Calls the Shots" - At Mel and Earl's urging, Tommy disobeys Alice and sneaks out to play in a championship basketball game. (First airdate: January 3, 1982) Ep. 12 "Not with My Niece You Don't" - Tommy dates Mel's niece, and Alice and Mel are scared to death. (First airdate: January 17, 1982) Ep. 13 "Vera, Queen of Soaps" - Vera gets hooked on soap operas. (First airdate: January 31, 1982) Ep. 14 "Sharples vs. Sharples" - Carrie's cookbook may feature Mel's famous chili recipe. (First airdate: February 7, 1982) Ep. 15 "The Valentine's Day Massacre" - The diner staff spends Valentines Day alone. (First airdate: February 14, 1982) Ep. 16 "The Best Little Waitress in the World" - Vera gains self-confidence. (First airdate: February 21, 1982) Ep. 17 "Alice and the Acorns" - Alice's old friend comes to town. (First airdate: March 7, 1982) Ep. 18 "Jolene Hunnicutt, Dynamite Trucker" - Jolene, Alice, and Vera haul dynamite. (First airdate: March 14, 1982) Ep. 19 "Mel Wins By a Nose" - Mel considers getting a nose job. (First airdate: March 21, 1982) Ep. 20 "Give My Regrets to Broadway" - Tommy considers being an actor. (First airdate: April 4, 1982) Ep. 21 "Vera's Reunion Romance" - Vera attends her class reunion in Boston and returns to Mel's Diner engaged. (First airdate: April 11, 1982) Ep. 22 "Monty Falls for Alice" - A visiting busboy from Vegas falls for Alice. Guest star George Wendt. (First airdate: April 18, 1982) Ep. 23 "Spell Mel's" - Mel throws a contest. (First airdate: May 2, 1982) Ep. 24 "My Mother the Landlord" - Carrie becomes Mel's new landlord.. (First airdate: May 16, 1982)
  • Season 7
    Ep. 1 "Sorry, Wrong Lips" - In her book, an actress describes a kiss she received - and Mel thinks he gave it to her. (First airdate: October 6, 1982) Ep. 2 "Do You Take This Waitress" - Jolene and Mel pretend to be married when Mel wants to impress an old friend. (First airdate: October 13, 1982) Ep. 3 "The Secrets Of Mel's Diner" - The diner may have hidden treasure. (First airdate: October 20, 1982) Ep. 4 "Alice At The Palace (Part I)" - Mel becomes producer of Alice's production of "I Like New York", and wants to replace the leading man - Joel Grey. Guest star Joel Grey. (First airdate: October 27, 1982) Ep. 5 "Joel Grey Saves the Day (Part II)" - After the cast won't be in Mel's new version of the play, Joel Grey won't appear either - but for Alice's sake, he arrives at the end of the play. (First airdate: November 3, 1982) Ep. 6 "Alice's Turkey of a Thanksgiving" - Alice's mother visits her on Thanksgiving, and announces she's moving to Phoenix. (First airdate: November 10, 1982) Ep. 7 "Carrie on the Rebound" - Carrie, visiting and newly divorced, falls for Earl. (First airdate: January 9, 1983) Ep. 8 "Jolene's Brother Jonas" - Jonas, Jolene's underhanded brother, comes to visit and sells Mel a bogus worm ranch. (First airdate: January 16, 1983) Ep. 9 "Alice Sees the Light" - Alice spots a UFO. (First airdate: February 28, 1983) Ep. 10 "Vera the Virtuoso" - Vera plays in a quartet. (First airdate: March 7, 1983) Ep. 11 "Alice Faces the Music" - Alice, Vera, and Jolene appear on a television game show. (First airdate: March 14, 1983) Ep. 12 "Tommy, the Jailbird" - Tommy joins a college friend in a round of partying that eventually puts them on the wrong side of the law. (First airdate: March 21, 1983) Ep. 13 "Jolene and the Night Watchman" - Jolene dates a muscle-bound watchman. (First airdate: March 28, 1983) Ep. 14 "Mel's Dream Car" - Mel gets a Porsche and with it an inflated ego. (First airdate: April 11, 1983) Ep. 15 "Come Back Little Sharples" - Mel refuses to leave his apartment when everyone is hanging down on him, including his mother. (First airdate: April 17, 1983) Ep. 16 "Vera, The Torch" - Vera puts up her landlady after a fire is set in her apartment. Linda Lavin stars as Debbie Walden, the landlady. (First airdate: April 24, 1983) Ep. 17 "The Grass is Always Greener" - When Mel gets a job offer he can't refuse, he sells the diner to the girls, then finds he hates his new job. (First airdate: May 1, 1983) Ep. 18 "Tommy Fouls Out" - Tommy wants to quit the basketball team, but a star convinces him otherwise. Guest star Meadowlark Lemon. (First airdate: May 15, 1983) Ep. 19 "Vera on the Lam" - Vera confesses her criminal past to Mel. (First airdate: May 22, 1983) Ep. 20 "Mel's Cousin Wendy?" - Mel enlists the aid of his cousin Wendell, who becomes "Wendy," to help crush a competitor. (First airdate: May 29, 1983) Ep. 21 "Sweet Erasable Mel" - Mel is persuaded to install a computer to handle his bookkeeping and, overnight, he is financially wiped out. (First airdate: June 5, 1983) Ep. 22 "Tommy Hyatt, Business Consultant" - Tommy learns there is more to marketing than charts and graphs when he almost ruin's Mel's finances. (First airdate: June 12, 1983) Ep. 23 "Jolene Lets the Cat Out of the Bag" - Vera teaches Jolene a self-defense technique that proves valuable when a cat burglar is on the prowl. (First airdate: September 18, 1983)
  • Season 8
    Ep. 1 "Mel is Hogg-Tied" - The Dukes of Hazzard's "Boss Hog" comes to town to see Jolene, and tricks Mel into selling the diner for one dollar. (First airdate: October 2, 1983) Ep. 2 "Vera's Secret Lover" - Vera gets letters and gifts from a secret admirer. (First airdate: October 9, 1983) Ep. 3 "Jolene Gets Her Wings" - Jolene becomes a flight attendant - but she's afraid of flying. (First airdate: October 16, 1983) Ep. 4 "Alice's Blind Date" - Alice dates a now blind high school flame. (First airdate: October 23, 1983) Ep. 5 "It Had to Be Mel" - A star proposes to Mel. Guest star Florence Henderson. (First airdate: October 30, 1983) Ep. 6 "The Over-the-Hill Girls" - Alice tries to get Carrie a singing job. (First airdate: November 6, 1983) Ep. 7 "Vera Gets Engaged (Part I)" - Vera gets a ticket for jaywalking by Officer Elliot Novack, and he and Vera are soon engaged - but a mix-up at the rehearsal (due to the zany minister) gets Vera married to Mel. (First airdate: November 20, 1983) Ep. 8 "Vera's Wedding (Part II)" - After Vera and Mel's marriage is annulled, Mel talks to Elliot, and Elliot may not marry Vera. (First airdate: November 20, 1983) Ep. 9 "The Robot Wore Pink" - When Alice quits, her replacement--a robot--compels Jolene and Vera to quit as well. (First airdate: December 18, 1983) Ep. 10 "Tis the Season to Be Jealous" - Elliot is jealous when Vera's old boyfriend comes to town. (First airdate: December 25, 1983) Ep. 11 "Tommy Goes Overboard" - Tommy accidentally enlists in the Navy. (First airdate: January 1, 1984) Ep. 12 "Vera, the Horse Thief" - The circus comes to town and Vera hijacks its wonder horse, Sparky, whom she believes is being mistreated. (First airdate: January 8, 1984) Ep. 13 "Jolene Throws a Curve" - The diner's baseball team is successful because of Jolene. (First airdate: January 15, 1984) Ep. 14 "Lies My Mother Told Me" - Carrie tells Mel that she lied to him when he was a child, meaning his dog did not receive a purple heart. (First airdate: January 29, 1984) Ep. 15 "Alice and the Devoted Dentist" - Mel's dentist falls for Alice. Guest star James Coco. (First airdate: February 12, 1984) Ep. 16. "Alice's Hot Air Romance" - Alice, Mel, Vera and Jolene fly up in the air in a hot air balloon. (First airdate: March 4, 1984) Ep. 17. "Dollars to Donuts" - Carrie gets Mel addicted to gambling. (First airdate: March 11, 1984) Ep. 18. "My Dinner with Debbie" - Vera's landlady, Debbie, falls in love with Mel. (First airdate: March 18, 1984) Ep. 19. "Vera's Fine Feathered Friends" - Trying to save baby birds which Mel threatens, Vera slips while climbing, and winds up in the hospital.(First airdate: March 25, 1984) Ep. 20 "Jolene is Stuck on Mel" - Jolene and Mel are glued together as Jolene turns down a wedding proposal. (First airdate: April 1, 1984) Ep. 21 "Don't Play it Again, Elliott" - Elliot spends his time with his new piano and neglects Vera. (First airdate: April 15, 1984) Ep. 22 "Mel Spins His Wheels" - Mel won't make alterations in the diner structure to benefit handicap customers until he winds up in a wheelchair. (First airdate: May 13, 1984) Ep. 23 "Be It Ever So Crowded" - The preacher who married Vera and Elliot won't leave the couple alone. (First airdate: May 20, 1984)
  • Season 9
    Ep. 1 "Romancing Mister Stone" - Jolene and Vera place a personal ad for Alice in the paper. (First airdate: October 14, 1984) Ep. 2 "Space Sharples" - Mel is Captain Galaxy for Halloween and begins doing some heroic deeds. (First airdate: October 28, 1984) Ep. 3 "Big, Bad Mel" - Mel buys a nursery school and may tear it down. Guest star Rue McClanahan. (First airdate: November 4, 1984) Ep. 4 "Houseful of Hunnicutts" - Jolene's family visits, and insists on staying with her, but when Mel intervenes, Jolene's father temporarily disowns her. (First airdate: November 18, 1984) Ep. 5 "Tommy's Lost Weekend" - Tommy's partying in college almost costs Alice her new beau. (First airdate: November 25, 1984) Ep. 6 "Undercover Mel" - Elliot asks Mel to go undercover, but Jolene, Alice, and Vera think Mel is involved with the actual fraudulent operation. (First airdate: December 16, 1984) Ep. 7 "Footloose Mel" - Mel thinks breakdancers, who will perform in the diner, are hoodlums. (First airdate: December 23, 1984) Ep. 8 "Vera's Anniversary Blues" - Vera and Elliot try to re-enact their meeting day, but Vera gets several tickets - none from Elliot. (First airdate: January 8, 1985) Ep. 9 "Kiss the Grill Goodbye" - Mel almost closes his diner because of the competition. (First airdate: January 15, 1985) Ep. 10 "Vera, the Nightbird" - Vera wants to buy a present for Elliot, so she becomes the sultry nightbird secretly, and Mel falls in love with her voice. (First airdate: January 22, 1985) Ep. 11 "Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore: Part 1" - A performer falls in love with Alice and wants him to come with her to sing with him. (First airdate: January 29, 1985) Ep. 12 "Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore: Part 2" - Jolene, Mel, and Vera compel Elliot to "rescue" Alice when they feel that she is kidnapped. (First airdate: February 5, 1985) Ep. 13 "The Night They Raided Debbie's" - Vera and Elliot get a tenant for the spare room - but it's filled by their former landlady, Mrs. Debbie Walden. (First airdate: January 13, 1980) Ep. 14 "One on One" - Jolene wants to try out for a professional women's basketball team, and also develops a romantic relationship with her coach, Mel. (First airdate: March 5, 1985) Ep. 15 "Vera's Grounded Gumshoe" - Elliot, who accidentally shoots himself, quits the police force, but isn't a good salesman. (First airdate: March 12, 1985) Ep. 16 "Th-th-th-that's All, Folks" - Series finale: Vera announces she's pregnant, Jolene decides to open a beauty shop, Alice sets off to be a singer, and Elliot gets a promotion, just as Mel sells the diner. (First airdate: March 19, 1985)
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