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Whatever Happened to Tommy Hyatt

Submitted by Jerry

Tommy Hyatt stayed in Phoenix while Alice moved to Nashville. At first, he lived with Mel (where he stayed for only three months) and then shared an apartment with some friends from Arizona State University.


His senior year there proved to be the most successful, personally and professionally and academically. He made the Dean’s list during both semesters as a senior. At the beginning of that year, he met and fell in love with a musical-composition major named Beth Williams (who’s one year younger than he). They dated throughout the entire year and immediately knew that they were right for each other; they got engaged in the fall of 1986.


During the spring of 1986, Tommy signed up for the NBA draft and successfully completed all of the rounds, which led to his playing for the Phoenix Suns. Fortunately, he never let his draft practices disturb him from his schoolwork. He graduated magna cum laude in 1986 with a degree in Accounting. The next year, Beth graduated and they were married on June 26, 1987. Tommy played for the Suns for 20 years then became an assistant coach for them and remains the assistant coach today.


After marrying, Tommy and Beth moved to an apartment a few yards away from the US Airways Center. One year later, they bought a four-bedroom home in Scottsdale and became the across-the-street neighbors of Beth’s father, Richard. They also became the proud parents of three children: Melvin Earl (born in 1989; he was named after Mel and Tommy’s former high-school basketball coach Earl Hicks), Vera Jean (born in 1991; named after Vera and Flo and Beth’s paternal aunt who was named Jean), and Florence Louise (born in 1992; also named after Vera and Flo as well as after Beth’s maternal aunt who was named Florence). Beth and Tommy remain happily married to this day.


Disclaimer: "Whatever Happened To" posts are purely speculative! What do YOU think happened to these characters in recent years? Submissions welcomed!

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