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Whatever Happened to Alice Hyatt

Submitted by Jerry

After starting her singing career in Nashville in 1985, Alice Hyatt enjoyed a moderate success from then on. Even though she found herself with a busy schedule of recording albums and touring the country, she was always able to find time to keep in contact with all of her family and friends. Despite the fact that she was pursuing country music, her songs and albums attracted more audiences of Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening, Jazz, and Standards. Although she finally grabbed her dream after all these years, she was not completely satisfied with her career since she never wanted to pursue country music. Despite the success, her relationship with Travis Marsh was fading away, and the band was in terminal danger of disbandment on account of personal and creative differences (all the musicians were moving onto other projects and accepting work from other artists).


In March of 1990, while performing at the Hilton in New York, she was "discovered" by Maureen McGovern (she saw Maureen sitting in the second row of the audience). When an intermission began, she immediately told one of the ushers to give Maureen a note that requested to come to her dressing room immediately after her show was finished. When Maureen received the note, she followed Alice's requests, they introduced each other, and Alice asked her if she knew any managers and producers and songwriters who could help change her music into her preferable styles of standards and show tunes (just like Bonnie Tyler did with Jim Steinman before he gave her her biggest hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart"). Maureen, being the kind and understanding sweetheart that she was, graciously said that she would help Alice. Two weeks later, Maureen gave Alice a call and set up an appointment with her manager and a new producer. Alice explained her new deal to Travis, Travis understood, and they bid each other farewell.


Alice packed her bags, relocated permanently to New York, and found herself with a new manager (who's been managing her ever since) and singing songs for the markets she always wanted to aim for. She sings in concerts with a variety of orchestras, opens for Broadway performances, and has (so far) recorded 16 albums of standards, show tunes, and pop music. Off and on, she will accept offers to sing songs for movie soundtracks as well. She lived in an apartment in New York until 1995, when she bought a small three-bedroom home in southwestern Connecticut (unlike most celebrities, she doesn't want luxury and riches; she just wants to be kept away from being a starving artist!).


In 1995, she bought a three-bedroom home in Westport, Connecticut. She is also now a grandmother of three.


Disclaimer: "Whatever Happened To" posts are purely speculative! What do YOU think happened to these characters in recent years? Submissions welcomed!

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