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Whatever Happened to Belle Dupree

Submitted by Rachel

After a few years in Nashville, Belle came to Alice, who was also singing in Nashville. Alice had been more successful, and Belle needed something - a job. Alice soon had a new backup singer, but Belle didn't appear for the practices and didn't know the music; she was busy dating and playing poker with groups of men. Alice had Travis Marsh fire Belle, but felt badly. Belle understood though. Never married because of the burden, she still was on her own. She made it in a production of Oklahoma on Broadway, but then was cast as an understudy for many hit shows - never really being in the show on usual days. Since she always liked starting over, or was at least used to it, she wasn't too upset with what happened. At least she was still crowin'!.


Disclaimer: "Whatever Happened To" posts are purely speculative! What do YOU think happened to these characters in recent years? Submissions welcomed!

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